Yarn Mystery #1

Here is the yarn for one of my new projects, which will be based on The Stitch is Right game hosted by The Crochet Crowd. The yarn is Red Heart, Anne Geddes Baby, light weight #3.


Aren’t these colors delicious?! I’m so into rainbow colors right now. My blanket will be a baby-sized version available for purchase upon completion. I’ll repost when it’s available. 

The mystery here is that the pattern is a randomized game. We won’t know the different stitches used, the  number of repeats, or color scheme, order of colors used, until the project is complete. I’m aiming for size 36″ by 36″, which is a good size for baby tummy time.

Until next time, I’m off to find my hook….


Morning Mysteries

Good Morning, fellow crafty peeps! If you’re stopping by today, thank you! Also, please tell me what projects you’re currently working on or favorite projects you’ve completed. Please share regardless of craft (knit, crochet, fabric, etc). If you’re like me, you probably have a few things you would also like to do if there was just a little more time in the day. ­čśÇ I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll be posting pictures of my current projects soon along with the alpaca blend yarn I purchased on my way to New Mexico. Stay tuned!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

All you need is love_LALYLALA MARS

Found these super cute wallpapers from Lalylala. She has an Etsy shop with her amigurumi patterns. You can also find them on Amigurumipatterns.net.

I hope everyone is feeling loved today!



Traveling…wait, yarn!


On my way to New Mexico this past Wednesday, I felt a pull to check out a local yarn shop in Comfort, Texas. It was my first visit and my belief in love at first sight is reconfirmed! I found rooms of divine fluffiness. It appears to be a converted home. One of those old, charming homes with squeaks and creaks that make you want to snuggle in front of a fireplace with hot cocoa, projects, and friends. As I walked through each room, I found lots of interesting and pretty patterns, magazines, and inspiration. The yarn selection was vast, displaying a variety of color, fiber, and weight. I decided to select a few hanks that spoke to me rather than looking for a specific brand or weight. I spied a heavenly blend of alpaca and merino that was warm and delightfully squishy. My selection included cool colors of grey and blue hues, which are perfectly cozy, winter colors. I’ll share photos of my purchase and project in another post. (Oh, the suspense! )

Bill, whom I believe was the owner, warmly greeted me at the register, wound my hanks into cakes, and set me back on my way.


If you’re ever passing through Comfort, TX, on your way to here or there, I recommend stopping at The Tinsmith’s Wife! http://tinsmithswife.com/

Happy Crafting!

Page updates!

Happy Sunday, craft world of awesomeness!

I am updating the basic structure of the page today and just added the token “about me” page. Whoot! I’ll be adding links as we go along but after today you should see more of a road map for the site. Thank you for starting this journey with me!



DeezCraft Winter FairyIf you love yarn, creating, and color, you are in the right place!

I’m beginning a new adventure in sharing my creations and my ideas on various crafting loves. These will absolutely include yarn and things you make with this scrumptious, fluffy, heavenly stuff. At times, I may mix things up by including sewing and quilting project ideas. I’ll also develop a caboodle (or collection)┬áof my favorite designers, yarn brands, and crafting websites. Over the years, I have┬ádiscovered many┬átalented folks in the community and look forward to sharing them with you. It’s nice to have a multitude of sources for inspiration and instruction.

A bit about the picture. This is something my brother and I collaborated on to represent how I view my spot in the crafting world. I almost wrote business, but I truly want it to be a community. I will probably offer made-to-order items in the future. However, I want this to be a forum of sharing and support more than anything, but I digress. The picture shows a crafty inspector, of the fairy or Fae variety, on the trail of a yarn mystery. What will happen next? Anything we create is a work of art with it’s own tales, or tails as the case may be.

Since I’m new to blogging and website construction, things are a bit of a mess. Please stay tuned and excuse the “mess”. We’ll have fun as our crafting adventures unfold!

Thanks for visiting!