New Logo


I have a new logo…squeals!!!! I love it’s simplicity and it will definitely help me create a brand for myself, something I hope people will associate with me and my craft work. I will also circle back to my original idea and write blog posts on the “mysteries” of my creations, but I also needed a brand for my shop and craft fairs. A logo that was easy to print on labels, signs, business cards and the like.

In other news, I’m working on projects for my first craft fair. It will be November 5th from 9 – 3 (MT) in Clovis, NM, at the Clovis Community College Commons Area and sponsored by the Clovis Meals on Wheels program. I am making spa sets that will include washcloths, loofahs, face scrubbies, and handmade soaps from my good friend, Jackie Tomlinson, at The Artisan Clover. After the craft fair, I will also begin listing these spa sets for a limited time in my Etsy store (also currently under construction).

Lots of excitement in store!

Please stay tuned,