Mystery 2 pictures and update


Midsummer Wrap design by Salena Baca


Here are a couple of progress pics for Mystery #2. I apologize for the low quality pics. I’m currently on the road visiting family in Tennessee. When we get back to Texas, we’ll be gearing up for the big move to New Mexico. So lots going on, which is why I’m behind on my mysteries and website development.

Everything that is transpiring, however, will become an intricate part of my current projects, including the Midsummer Wrap. It will contain memories of endless doctor visits, packing up the house, rushing here and there, our current road trip, and ultimately the move itself. In the end, when I finish my shawl, I’ll be comforted by the snuggly fabric and the fact that lots of stress associated with moving is secure in the past. Well that is until the next move. Haha

Happy trails to you on your current adventure! And thank you for sharing mine.


PS. Salena Baca’s pattern can be found here: