Hank to cake, mystery solved!

Midnight greetings! 😀 I’m often awake late into the night and thought it would be a novel time to share a bit more about the evolution of a yarn hank to the most useful center pull cake.

This particular hank is a limited edition by the Brazen Stitchery called Fight the Fairies. This colorway was inspired by the spectacular TV series Supernatural. Shannon Sanchez of Inskein Yarns is hosting a Mystery Knit Along with the same name as the colorway. MKAL is set to begin on the 4th of March. So very soon! *insert cheesy grin*


The yarn comes twisted in on itself as shown above. Keeping the label for future reference, the yarn is opened into a circle and placed on a yarn swift. My Knit Picks swift is on the left in the video below and acts as a yarn holder as the hank is wound into a center pull cake.

After watching the video, you’ll note that my electric winder is quite noisy, hence one of the reasons I’m enamored with the manual winders. The manual yarn winder also produces a more tightly wound cake, which stays compact much longer. Alas, the end result is ultimately the same. The photo below shows the new, workable cake.


It’s hard to see in the photos,  but this yarn has lovely shades of blue with stunning teal highlights. A perfect visual representation of the twilight, world-saving activities of Sam and Dean! I’m so excited to see what this becomes during the upcoming weeks.

With needles and hook at the ready,