Traveling…wait, yarn!


On my way to New Mexico this past Wednesday, I felt a pull to check out a local yarn shop in Comfort, Texas. It was my first visit and my belief in love at first sight is reconfirmed! I found rooms of divine fluffiness. It appears to be a converted home. One of those old, charming homes with squeaks and creaks that make you want to snuggle in front of a fireplace with hot cocoa, projects, and friends. As I walked through each room, I found lots of interesting and pretty patterns, magazines, and inspiration. The yarn selection was vast, displaying a variety of color, fiber, and weight. I decided to select a few hanks that spoke to me rather than looking for a specific brand or weight. I spied a heavenly blend of alpaca and merino that was warm and delightfully squishy. My selection included cool colors of grey and blue hues, which are perfectly cozy, winter colors. I’ll share photos of my purchase and project in another post. (Oh, the suspense! )

Bill, whom I believe was the owner, warmly greeted me at the register, wound my hanks into cakes, and set me back on my way.


If you’re ever passing through Comfort, TX, on your way to here or there, I recommend stopping at The Tinsmith’s Wife!

Happy Crafting!