New Logo


I have a new logo…squeals!!!! I love it’s simplicity and it will definitely help me create a brand for myself, something I hope people will associate with me and my craft work. I will also circle back to my original idea and write blog posts on the “mysteries” of my creations, but I also needed a brand for my shop and craft fairs. A logo that was easy to print on labels, signs, business cards and the like.

In other news, I’m working on projects for my first craft fair. It will be November 5th from 9 – 3 (MT) in Clovis, NM, at the Clovis Community College Commons Area and sponsored by the Clovis Meals on Wheels program. I am making spa sets that will include washcloths, loofahs, face scrubbies, and handmade soaps from my good friend, Jackie Tomlinson, at The Artisan Clover. After the craft fair, I will also begin listing these spa sets for a limited time in my Etsy store (also currently under construction).

Lots of excitement in store!

Please stay tuned,


LYS Sharing the Love

LYS?! What is that you may ask. Well, it’s an acronym for delightful Local Yarn Shops. There’s usually at least one in each town or city. If not, I bet there is one within driving distance to your home. I highly recommend checking out your local shop regularly. Even if you have to make a day trip of it! Your LYS is not only a yarn haven for delicious luxury yarns but they’re also your community. I’ve been to several now across Texas and Tennessee. I have made fast friends at every one! I guarantee you’ll make a new friend too. The yarn bond is strong! This is true whether you’re a spinner, a weaver, a crocheter, and/or knitter.

In addition to shared interests, you’ll also find your LYS employees and friends to be a wealth of knowledge. They can help you with creative ideas, quick fixes, and formal instruction. Not to mention the bonus of being able to squish lots of colorful, yummy yarn while you visit, share, and learn.

Check out my page on Skill Building Spots for recommendations on shops in TX. And please check back soon as I recently visited a delightful spot in Memphis, TN. Details and pics will be posted soon!


Mystery 2 pictures and update


Midsummer Wrap design by Salena Baca


Here are a couple of progress pics for Mystery #2. I apologize for the low quality pics. I’m currently on the road visiting family in Tennessee. When we get back to Texas, we’ll be gearing up for the big move to New Mexico. So lots going on, which is why I’m behind on my mysteries and website development.

Everything that is transpiring, however, will become an intricate part of my current projects, including the Midsummer Wrap. It will contain memories of endless doctor visits, packing up the house, rushing here and there, our current road trip, and ultimately the move itself. In the end, when I finish my shawl, I’ll be comforted by the snuggly fabric and the fact that lots of stress associated with moving is secure in the past. Well that is until the next move. Haha

Happy trails to you on your current adventure! And thank you for sharing mine.


PS. Salena Baca’s pattern can be found here:

Two New CALs by Salena Baca Crochet

Group: Salena Baca Crochet

In an effort to keep you updated with upcoming Crochet-A-Longs, I’ll be writing some blog posts highlighting my new favorites. Hope you’ll join us for the fun!

^^^Click the link at the top of this post to take you to Salena Baca’s new group for her pattern-based CALs. She’s super sweet and very talented! I’ve enjoyed making several of her patterns because they’re easy to follow and your final product is something stylish without a lot of fuss.



WoW CAL by Silver Arrow Crafts

If you or someone you know loves World of Warcraft, you’ll be swept away by the WoW inspired CAL by Krystlelyn of Silver Arrow Crafts! You’ll find the most recent release schedule for the centers, blocks, and banners in the source link below. You can also join the FB group here.

Source: Slice and Dice – WoW CAL

Hank to cake, mystery solved!

Midnight greetings! 😀 I’m often awake late into the night and thought it would be a novel time to share a bit more about the evolution of a yarn hank to the most useful center pull cake.

This particular hank is a limited edition by the Brazen Stitchery called Fight the Fairies. This colorway was inspired by the spectacular TV series Supernatural. Shannon Sanchez of Inskein Yarns is hosting a Mystery Knit Along with the same name as the colorway. MKAL is set to begin on the 4th of March. So very soon! *insert cheesy grin*


The yarn comes twisted in on itself as shown above. Keeping the label for future reference, the yarn is opened into a circle and placed on a yarn swift. My Knit Picks swift is on the left in the video below and acts as a yarn holder as the hank is wound into a center pull cake.

After watching the video, you’ll note that my electric winder is quite noisy, hence one of the reasons I’m enamored with the manual winders. The manual yarn winder also produces a more tightly wound cake, which stays compact much longer. Alas, the end result is ultimately the same. The photo below shows the new, workable cake.


It’s hard to see in the photos,  but this yarn has lovely shades of blue with stunning teal highlights. A perfect visual representation of the twilight, world-saving activities of Sam and Dean! I’m so excited to see what this becomes during the upcoming weeks.

With needles and hook at the ready,

Yarn Mystery #2

***March 17, 2016 Update***
This mystery has a clue! 😀

I’ll be making Salena Baca’s Midsummer Wrap.

It works up fast, so I’ll have a finished product to show you soon. In the meantime, I’ll share with you what I’ll remember about this project and yarn:

When I stopped at The Tinsmith’s Wife yarn shop, it was a whim. Or perhaps more accurately described as a need to immediately fulfill the deep longing for more delicious yarn. I was traveling to see my husband and the impulse overcame me as I thought of all the local yarn shops I must be driving past on the 8 hour journey. What a shame to miss out on all of them! So, I quickly punched in yarn shop on my GPS and Shazam! ~ The Tinsmith’s Wife was only 15 min off my route. Not bad at all! I took the next exit and the rest is history.

More to come soon…



Aren’t these yarn cakes yummy?! A few posts ago, I mentioned that I bought a few hanks of a baby alpaca-merino blend (55/45). Well, here is a photo at long last. It is “Extra“, a delicious yarn by Blue Sky Alpacas. The darker blue is colorway 3516, still water. On the bottom left of the photo, we have 3521, lake ice. Lastly, on the bottom right is 3525, mist. The photos of course don’t do it justice. You really must go to your local yarn store to squish a hank or two or five. Each hank is a medium weight yarn (#4) with 150 grams, 218 yds/199 meters, with a recommended needle size of 7-9US/4.5-5.5mm. If you want to use a crochet hook, I typically use the recommended metric size as a guide. In this case, you might use a G, H, or I hook.

Of course you might be wondering what a hank is if you are new to the community or if this is your first time seeing yarn in something other than a skein. I’ve found that most of your luxury, hand-dyed yarns to be sold in hanks, which you must wind into a cake prior to using. Otherwise, you’ll have a great big tangled, knotted mess. You know by my comments that the above photo displays yarn cakes (the usable version of yarn wound from a hank). Here’s a photo of what a yarn hank will look like:


Typically, your yarn shop will wind these for you. If they don’t offer, just ask. They are more than happy to help. You really don’t need to run out and purchase a winder unless you buy a lot of your yarn in hanks. If you do get one, I personally like the manual winders.

Now, moving on toward the mystery aspect of this yarn! What shall I make with it? Or should I make anything at all? Should I just love it, hold it, squeeze it (*Animanics reference – HA!*) until it evaporates? Or perhaps, I should make a lovely shawl? What do you think? Please leave your comments below and help me solve this mystery!